Jayli Imports is a small family owned business. Jayli began, as we say, "Out of the Dust of the Dead".

The journey first started after Jay, from Northern California, met Liora, from Cape Town, South Africa, in India, while both were travelling the world. Soon after, Jayli was born. We started out by selling our wares at farmers markets and Grateful Dead shows. Before we knew it, we had our first wholesale account and we grew from there.  We still attend and sell our designs at festivals across the West Coast each summer, mainly because we enjoy it so much, as do our two young daughters.

We've travelled to Nepal and Thailand every year for 18 years and have worked with the same manufacturers for that time.  All the factories with which we work are small family owned and run businesses, just like ours.  We have developed great personal and working relationships with our manufacturers, their employees and their families.

While in Nepal and Thailand, we spend hours in the factories, with the master cutters, tailors, embroiderers, tie dyers and packers, to design and manufacture the highest quality, hippie dresses, hippie pants, hippie skirts, patchwork clothing, purses, bags and accessories.  

For 18 years, the workplace environment which we have employed is comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable.  Although not yet Fair Trade Certified, our businesses practises allow us to feel comfortable enough to say all our products are Consciously Made and Fairly Traded.  We have also developed close relationships with our customers at home and that allows us to give the best customer service possible.

Jayli has always cared for people, product and professional standards. We love creating fabulous, funky, hippie fashion and bohemian clothes. Although we specialise in various forms of tie dye, our creations include patchwork clothing, overdye stonewash clothing, 60's clothing, vintage hippie clothing, plus size hippie clothing and festival clothing.

In all our years of business, we have recycled 100% of our wholesale shipping boxes. This means that you may receive an order in Lagunitas Beer box, but it also means that less tress were sacrificed in shipping your order.  Also, to reduce the toxic effect of plastic bags in our landfills and on our ocean floors,  some of our products will not be shipped to you in plastic bags. We will however make sure that the goods in your box are well protected. We, at Jayli, are meticulous recyclers.  

Every small change we make to help our environment, makes a big difference for the world.  Jayli also doantes to a variety of environmental organisations, including Environment California, Clean Water Action and Public Radio.

Your purchase directly supports artisans, crafts people and their families in Nepal and Thailand.   All crochet and detailed hand stitching is done by an all women's co-op in Kathmandu, thereby supporting women's independence in Nepal.  All the women who are part of this co-op can choose their own work schedules and hours based on the needs of their families. The women work together in one of the participants' home, where they sit together, drink chai and chat while working. These women are part of the bigger Jayli Family and we at Jayli are proud to be a part of these women's ability to be mothers and wives as well as being able to contribute to the financial stability of their families.

All Jayli garments are Consciously Made and Fairly Traded.
Peace, Love and Jayli