Jayli started out of the dust of the dead. Jay famously quotes this from his experience of selling hippie clothing at Grateful Dead Concerts, sitting out in dry dusty parking lots selling hippie fashion. He fondly reminisces on those days. This was a side gig for Jay which began in 1993. In 1995 Jay and Liora officially registered the business name Jayli (Jay & Liora).

In the two years prior Jay traveled through South America, South Africa and Asia. He met Liora in Cape Town, South Africa. On their travels they bought hippie clothing to re-sell. When they returned to Northern California they sold hippie and bohemian clothing at street fairs, flea markets and Grateful Dead concerts.

During this time both Jay and Liora worked other jobs. When Liora got to the United States she arrived with a backpack and $400. Liora started working as a waitress doing day and night shifts. Jay worked construction. When Jay traveled he really liked the experience of being his own boss. Finally in 1998 they both quit their other jobs and went with Jayli full time.

Liora chuckles as she remembers that they never even had a business plan when they started. Jay and Liora starting dabbling with their own designs in 1998 and in 2000 they produced their first catalog, they haven't looked back since. It has being an amazing journey with many trials and challenges.

Jayli remains a small family run business and always considers their employess as part of the family. Christina joined Jayli in 2000 and has being with Jay & Liora to this day.