Grateful Dead licensed clothing is the ultimate way to show your support for the legendary band. Featuring vibrant prints, tie-dye patterns, and original artwork inspired by the band's music and history, our collection of Grateful Dead clothing offers something for every fan. Browse our selection and find the perfect piece.


The Grateful Dead, and the Hippie era, ushered in a new world of perspective and acceptance.


The "Are You Kind?" Indigo Flowerchild and Anti-War Generation's embrace of the dynamic, combined with a massive convergence of cultures and perspectives, provided a generation with new worldviews that collided with the mainstream in ways never seen before. 


The Grateful Dead, and the Bay Area of California as a whole, from the 1960s on, represent a moment in time that we capture and embrace as we, and it, evolve to embrace the whole world.


We at Jayli feel a sense of great privilege to call this area home in our own respects and aspire to serve as stewards of this magical place.


During this era, we witnessed the introduction of freedom of expression, midriff-baring tops, and live music events that permitted and encouraged ecstatic dance, percussion, heavy drums, bass, and space.


Today, we see the Grateful Dead and the lasting legacy of this band, and the movement they provided a soundtrack to, morphing into a new and ever awoken counterculture not even the band understands today. 


Our Grateful Dead clothing collection is one of our greatest joys, and we are honored to share these designs with you. The Grateful Dead counterculture was where you were free to be you, and we strive to carry that torch on with our Jayli Styles. 


From Grateful Dead accessories like steelie embroidered headbands, marching bear baba bags, and 100% Hemp Hats to one-of-a-kind super soft cotton and rayon dresses, skirts, and shirts. Never before seen razor cut, batik tie-dye, and mudmee fabrics, Jayli's Grateful Dead Collection has something for everyone and everybody. 


It is important to be Yourself, which means wearing whatever you want! 


A lot of folks ask, how did we end up here? The truth is, we love a tie-dye concert as much as anyone. We started selling on a lot in 92 and have been a design team for over 25 years. 


As such, when we decided to ask for a license to create this collection in 2004, we wanted to create something different! We wanted to bring back that time we all missed and worked to recreate with the many magical bands and festivals born from the Hippie Era throughout California and the world.


Jayli’s Grateful Dead clothing collection uses body styles that complement any gender identity. Men, women, non-binary, and FunGai’s and Gals will find something that makes them feel like they’re a part of a scene and unique community of kindness that stands the test of many beautiful memories made in time. 


Born from the dust of the Dead, Jayli’s heart and kindness no doubt reflects our deep roots in Marin County, California. Often unknown or only known by a few good souls. 


Marin is home to the Grateful Dead, and their music is embodied in almost everything we do. Jay, our co-founder, and Christina, our co-designer and CCO, are both from Woodacre, California, and grew up intermingling with the family. 


Jay snuck into shows and ran around on bicycles with his friends trying to hear the band through rehearsal space doors, eventually graduating to the scene. Berkeley, CalTech, and Mountain View, to name a few fun ones. 


After a long strange trip and a run in with Bill Graham, a dream was born for Jay after a Dead Show, which sparked a journey that would lead him to the other side of the globe, eventually to India, and to the love of his life, Liora. Liora, originally from South Africa, traveled with Jay to Nepal where he was determined to find and source the coolest and fairest atrades to vend on the lot when he got back to the states. 

With Liora in tow, the two began selling their wares and treasures at Dead shows, farmers markets, and festivals. Almost 25+ years later, the rest is history. Christina, having grown up in the Grateful Dead family, her Mother being a close friend and Chef to Jerry for many moons, cherished a childhood amongst the kindness and carefree energy of the redwoods that resides in the beautiful San Geronimo Valley. 


Once again, a dance with the Dead and the love of music intertwined introducing Christina to the Soladay’s through talented artist and husband extroidair, Darren Nelson. 


Christina and Liora fell into an instant connection. Bonding over fabrics and styles and together they have flown to Nepal once a year to sit on rooftops and shuffle through textiles and fabrics, to source and create low waste Collections that support the local Nepali economy, and allow us to truly bring to life our visions of our new Collections.


Now with many bands carrying the torch of a movement in time none of us will ever quite be able to describe, we allow the spirit of a culture to live on. 

Like we said, there is nothing better than a super comfy concert T, so, we brought back the iconic cap sleeve and t-shirt body styles you love with real individually freehanded embroidered appliques’ of rainbow boltz and dancing bears, and skull & roses that are so soft to touch, made with rich and vibrant Indian thread. 


Western inspired double breast pocket long and short sleeve button downs with embroidered bolts on the back, offered in many textiles from corduroy for Fall, to a nice loosely woven, almost linen like cotton, for you folks down by the equator. We particularly love our festival snap wrap skirts and pocket belts that offer women a hands free dancing all night long experience with beautifully embroidered steelies or marching bears (dancing bears, as we like to say). 


We also love keeping collections cohesive so when we introduce new seasons you are able to mix and match your favorite pieces and colors to curate a 100% one of a kind and unique hippie closet that will rival those only of your fairy Janis princess imagination.


Truly, Our Grateful Dead Collection is particularly special because we have always been a design company focused on women’s apparel first and foremost, and as such we offer an UH-mazing women’s grateful dead collection that is unrivaled today. 


As the original female grateful dead licensees our styles have become as iconic as the scene they are a part of and we are humbled regularly to find our clothing on the bodies of amazing humans throughout the scene.


As we have moved from the days of Jerry, and The Grateful Dead’s live music community, and into bands like Further, Phill and Friends, Dead and Company and so many more, Jayli has kept our heart committed to this beautiful community and we so appreciate that you have been committed to us. 


We still continue to attend and sell at live music events all over the United states. It isn’t unusual to see us on a Dead and Company or Phish tour, or at a local festival like Skull & Roses or Hangtown Music Festival. Or, our big break through festival, High Sierra, our home for many moons and where we raised our girls while growing our business. 


Check out our other hippie clothes and accessories for more fun and funky styles. Order now and take advantage of our great prices and fast shipping.