Men's Hippie Clothing

Jayli's eclectic range of Hippie-style clothes for men encapsulates the timeless appeal of bohemian fashion. With a nod to the counterculture of the 1960s and ‘70s, our collection features a fusion of comfort and style. You can explore a variety of loose-fitting, colorful, and intricately patterned shirts, pants, and shorts, all designed to exude a relaxed, free-spirited vibe. 

From tie-dye prints to tribal-inspired motifs, Jayli's men's hippie clothing allows individuals to express their unique personalities while embracing the carefree aesthetic of the era. Whether you're heading to a music festival or simply seeking everyday comfort with a touch of retro flair, Jayli has you covered.


Feeling Your Divine Masculine Energy? 
We know those who identify with a masculine energy want to express themselves, too. Sometimes, you just don’t know if you’re ready for a snap wrap skirt with a pocket belt, and we understand that! So, we expanded our collection to include a more dynamic and inclusive audience! We have a large variety of western button ups & T-Shirts. (both screen printed and embroidered, like they used to be) From our classic patchwork ponchos, super lightweight Indian print harem pants, to our cozy & famous jeremy pants, you'll find tons of styles you haven’t seen anywhere else, regardless of what gender you identify with. 
Our “men’s” collection keeps our promise to design and create comfortable clothing intended to fit any body or belly. We often suggest taking a look at the measurements you’ll find at the bottom of each product description to ensure you find the perfect fit for you! 
At Jayli, our focus is on natural fibers that lay gently against your skin while allowing for breathability when needed. You will see this in our Nepali print Harper pants, Jeremy Pants, Noell Pants and William pants to name just a few (we have many more styles of mens pants) and similar mandarin and regular collar shirts as well as pullover hoodies. 
Our signature Grateful Dead western pocket shirts and patchwork hoodies come with beautifully detailed embroidery of steelies, 13 point rainbow bolts and marching bears you just don’t find anywhere else. 
Beginning in 2008 we were inspired to design and print our own fabrics, sourcing Nepali woven textiles. This has allowed us to create fun and unique painted shirts and designs unlike the typical heady tie dye, or concert T. (though we love both)    
We know that men also care about where they purchase their clothing and who is supported in that chain. When we started Jayli, we wanted to try to bring together our values and see as much music as possible, but we wanted to do it the right way. 
We know that men’s wear isn’t really a thing anymore, so we do our best to keep this in mind when we design. Often, so many ladies found their fellas borrowing their cool, casual, and comfortable pants and tops. 
Most of our Jayli collection is 100% cotton, however, over the years, we began to sprinkle some rayon pieces in there for you, too. Here at Jayli our patchwork is a huge part of our masculine or uni clothing. We use super rich colors and soft fabrics to bring together super fun and funky pieces that you don’t typically see out on the scene. 
We love using and supporting eclectic and fun fabrics and textiles that you don’t see in other places. Often our fabrics are one of a kind and manufactured by local artists in Nepal and India. 
One thing we noticed when we started designing this collection was the lack of super fun and funky unique clothing for men. It’s not to say we don’t love a good concert T or tie-dye but once in a while guys and gals want to dress up or down. 

As such, we quickly expanded our men's collection to include money belts that are super comfortable and keep your items close while keeping your experience hands free for security. We love our Grateful Dead Puffy Down Jackets for hitting the slopes or the back country during the winter. 
Our patchwork shorts and pants are staples of most closets around here. Made using upcycled patchwork, each piece is first individually sewn together, then overdyed in some instances to ensure a uniformed color. We go further by offering large cargo pockets, one of a kind fabrics, appliques, and more, to ensure you get a one of a kind pair of pants or shorts that you’ll love for years to come. 

Our men’s collection can be worn virtually anywhere. Need the perfect T-Shirt or Pull over hoodie to take along on Spring Break to ensure some great sun coverage while looking fly on the beach or boat? We’ve got you covered! Want a rad embroidered old school skull and roses T-Shirt, we’ve got you! We have embroidered baseball caps with steelies, and upcycled 100% hemp sun hats that are perfect for throwing in a bag or suitcase when you are on the go. 

When we design for men, we take everything into consideration. From the placement of pockets on your cargo shorts, to where we should embroider the steelie on your poncho pockets. 
You’ll find a large array of one of a kind, and thoughtful pieces that can be born as a groomsman at your best friend’s wedding, or down to Phish Gorge for a Sunday show. Our favorite photos of full wedding parties wearing our signature corduroy long sleeve button ups, or hand woven nepali textile cotton button ups. 

We know that men care about fashion and expressing themselves through their clothing, while ensuring what they choose to wear is functional, and also keeps them inline with their values. Looking good is a solid bonus though! We always listen to the feedback of the fellas and gals who wear this collection and try our best to update styles and body types to ensure we include a more dynamic audience as we adapt and learn how to evolve this niche style group who loves a type of fashion that really is at the foundation of hippie fashion and men’s fashion. 

Keep in mind that most of our men’s pieces sell out quickly! SO if there is a color or design that you like, grab your size now! We do ensure that we update our website as soon as best sellers are set to re-stock, but sometimes our items are one of a kind or seasonal and we can’t guarantee the colors will be available the following season. 
We love getting feedback from you, so if you have any questions, comments or concerns please, hit us up!
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