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A Look into the History of Hippie Style


The hippie movement emerged in the 1960s as a response to the conservative values of the era. This free-spirited culture was all about peace, love, and freedom, and it quickly gained popularity among young people looking for a new way to express themselves.


The movement originated on U.S. college campuses but quickly spread worldwide as hippies traveled and gathered in other countries, including Canada and Britain.


The term hippie was derived from "hip," a slang term used to describe someone in the know about popular culture. It came to be associated with a lifestyle characterized by freedom of expression and nonconformity.


Hippie fashion was all about loose-fitting clothes, natural materials, and bright colors. The style was heavily influenced by folk music and Indian spiritualism, and it soon became known for its carefree and eccentric vibe.


Exploring the Hippie Lifestyle


Hippies primarily comprise white, middle-class teenagers, baby boomers, or the counterculture generation. These individuals felt alienated from mainstream society, dominated by repression and materialism.


As a result, hippies developed a new kind of culture centered around free love and creativity. The lifestyle involved living communally, eating organic food, using alternative forms of medicine, and rejecting the government and corporate institutions.


Hippie fashion was essential to this movement, as it helped define this generation's cultural identity. They sported distinct styles, long hair, and colorful clothing. Males grew out their beards and wore sandals, while females favored skirts and dresses in natural fabrics like cotton.


Many hippies eschewed traditional 9-5 jobs and lifestyles, instead choosing to live a more unorthodox life. Some even set up businesses providing goods and services for like-minded people.


The critics pointed out that the hippies had the privilege to "opt out" of society, while at the same time, Black Americans were fighting for their right to participate in it.


Nevertheless, they continued to advocate love and peace, resulting in the famous phrase, "Make love, not war." Sometimes called "flower children," the hippie movement has left a lasting impact on our society and culture, helping to shape how we think about life, love, and happiness today.


Where Are We at Now?


Today, the hippie style can be seen everywhere, from music festivals to high fashion runways, as this iconic movement inspires many modern designers. Brands like Jayli are leading the way, constantly updating their collections with fun and unique pieces that capture the essence of hippie style.


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