MOJO HAND COVER UP Nepali Stripe Patchwork w/ Gold Grateful Dead 13 Point Bolt Embroidery Elastic Back Chest Cover Up Assorted

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MOJO HAND COVER UP is a unique and eclectic garment that beautifully encapsulates the vibrant and free-spirited essence of hippie and bohemian fashion. The top boasts a distinctive Nepali stripe patchwork design, combining various patterns and colors to create a visually captivating and bohemian aesthetic. The gold bolt embroidery, featuring the iconic Grateful Dead 13 point bolt, adds a touch of rock and roll symbolism to the top. This detailing not only pays homage to a significant cultural reference but also contributes to the eclectic and rebellious spirit often embraced by the hippie movement.

Made In Nepal

Suggested Hand Wash, Cool Water, Line Dry


Small: Chest 26 inches, Length 11 inches

Medium: Chest 27 inches, Length 12 inches

Large: Chest 28 inches, Length 13 inches

XLarge: Chest 29 inches, Length 14 inches

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SKU: PF24S-90WTop
Shipping: Free Shipping USA Only