Frequently Asked Questions


What Do We Mean By Consciousely Made & Fairly Traded?

Although we are not fair trade certified, we consider our business practises and those of our factories to be fair trade.  Workers are paid fairly for their work, they work in comfortable working environments and are treated fairly and with respect. We have been working with the same small factories for over 17 years and they are all family owned with intimate work environments.   In addition to being conscious about pay and working conditions, we are also conscious of the fabrics we use. We use only natural fabrics like cotton, rayon and wool and always try to not use synthetic fabrics.  When available, we use organic cotton and hemp fabrics.

Is Jayli A Family Run Business?

Yes absolutely. Jayli is run by Jay and Liora Soladay and has been since its inception in 1995. Christina has been working for Jayli for over 13 years and is considered part of the family. As Jayli is growing we are hiring more people and no matter who works for Jayli we think of them part as family.


When & How Did We Start Jayli?

Jayli was started in 1993 after Jay and Liora travelled around the world buying odds and ends and bringing them back to sell. We started out be selling at Grateful dead concerts and at farmers markets in our local town.  It was at a Grateful dead concert that we got our very first wholesale account from a store in Bellingham Washington.  From there, our wholesale business took off and we have been going back to Nepal and Thailand since then to design our own line each year.


Where is Point Reyes?

Point Reyes Station is on Highway One, just north of San Francisco and situated in the beautiful Point Reyes National Seashore.


Does Jayli Sell Gift Certificates & in What Denominations?

Yes, Jayli does sell gift certificates. They are in denominations of $25, $50, $75 and $100. You can purchase these gift certificates from our website in the exact same way thay you would purchase any other product from our website.


Does Jayli Recycle?

ABSOLUTELY!!  Not only do we recycle, but we are rather type a about it.  We recycle all our paper, plastic, bottles, cans and cardboard.  We try and reuse as much of the paper as we can.  Most importantly, our boxes that we use for wholesale orders are all reused boxes.  We get our boxes from an awesome brewery in Petaluma California called Lagunitas Brewing Co.  So it is very possible you will get your order in a beer box.


Does Jayli do Plus Size Clothing?

Although we do not carry a big line of plus size clothing, we do have some plus size items.  We are trying to add more plus size items to our product line in spring 2012.


How Does Jayli Size Their Clothing?

Our sizing is based on women's sizing, so it is no longer junior. Most items run small through xl, but some items are one size items, like wrap skirts or wrap pants and some items come in two sizes like S\M or M\L.


How Does Jayli Choose Colors?

There are many things that inspire us when choosing our colors.  We do look at fashion forecasts to see what colors are in for the following season but that is just a small part of our process.  We will often not choose a color until we see the actual fabric being used whether it is printed or solid.  We often use nature as our inspiration for a color, for example creating oranges, rusts,browns based on the colors of fall.  We sometimes see samples of colors in small bits of fabric that we see around the factory and from that we create color palettes for a whole group.


What are Customer Support Hours?

We are open from 9.30am to 5.30pm PST Monday through Friday to answer the phones.  Our fax line is open 24 hours a day and we answer e-mails after hours.


How Does Jayli Choose Their Suppliers?

We have been using the same suppliers for so long and have not added any new suppliers in years.  We initially developed good personal relationships with our suppliers and from there our business relationship grew.


What Fabrics Do You Use?

We use mostly 100% cotton and 100% Rayon. We try as mush as possible to use only natural fabrics and when we can, we use organic cotton and cotton hemp blends. We are working on sourcing more organic fabrics, so we hope to have this area covered in the near future.


What is the Women's Coop?

To learn more about the womens coop visit this page.