Working Through Designs.

Posted by Sonia Perozzi on 26th Jan 2017

A lovely incense aroma fills the air as they gather in Arjun’s office to discuss and go over new designs for the 2017 Jayli line. Rain is pouring down outside adding an intimate atmosphere to the creative process.

The creative process with Arjun has a calmer almost more organized feel than the experience from the day before. The amazing talent, creativity, and designs are still amazing and of equal quality, it is the energy and the flow between Christina, Liora and Arjun that is different.

Here Arjun carefully pulls out each sample to go over them with Christina and Liora. He instantly communicates to his head tailor any changes or adjustments that are needed or required. An efficient well-run system that allows for the creativity to flow and happen without missing a beat.

Arjun brings so many different options and designs to go through my head is spinning after 2 hours, while Liora and Christina are really getting into a groove and rhythm. The ideas begin to flow in a faster pace the more samples they go through. Some of their concepts and designs worked great while others end up in the discarded pile. As the day goes on piles are created some for the design, others for the print, yet others for the color. And of course they then have the basic yes, no, maybe piles for the general overall look.

For lunch we take a break and are treated by Arjun’s darling wife who cooked us an amazing traditional Nepalese meal. It was delicious! She prepared a dal soup, basmati rice, chicken curry, goat, curried potatoes and a pickled curry with cucumber, a dish I had never had or seen before. It was amazing. Christina said she wished she could eat the dal soup everyday and I agree with her hands down, it was delicious.

After lunch, work continues to flow. More samples are seen, new ideas are put into place, old ones are scrapped and the line begins to take more form. They work into the evening, the setting sun giving cue to wrap the day up. A productive work day indeed.

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