Picking The Design of The Body - Part 2

Posted by Sonia Perozzi on 28th Feb 2017

The original samples have been altered and changed as desired and the process of going through each item begins again. This time around they are not only looking at the body but color, patterns and dying technique start to come into play.

It was uncanny how Liora and Christina would simultaneously know which materials or colors they wanted for each bodies. Sometimes I felt as though they were speaking a foreign language as they would be referring to some material, past design or pattern they know they are looking to incorporate into the new line.

Once again piles of yes, no and maybe are created. As well there can be a second round of alterations that need to happen. It is quite fascinating to watch how these designs come to fruition.

Small groups or “collections” are made and soon the roof top of Arjun’s is covered with a kaleidoscope of clothing. Both Liora and Christina are tactile designers. They like to hold the items in their hands, feel the material against their skin. This roof top process, as I like to call it, allows them to see and feel all their designs physically in front of them, along with the fabric swatches and palette of colors that have been made specifically for Jayli items.

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