Picking The Design of The Body - Part 1

Posted by Sonia Perozzi on 28th Feb 2017

The first step in their design process is they come up with the basic body design. They have ideas that are completely new, some staple favorites, and perhaps past ideas they want to improve on. They also really listen to their customers and take into consideration suggestions or requests you may have passed on to them.

Once they draw up their basic body designs they send them ahead to their manufactures where a sample is created for them to look at upon their arrival in Thailand and Nepal.

When they are looking at samples they often have to look beyond the colors, materials and patterns. When a sample is produced it is often made with left over materials to avoid wastage, so it might look or seem gaudy or even done in mismatched colors or patterns.

They focus only on the cut and fit. For example, how is the length? Is the neckline right? Does the shape of the sleeve feel good? Is it flattering? and so on. Each sample is tried on in order to be able to determine if the fit is good and the shape is flattering.

It is quite fascinating watching Liora and Christina go through each of the samples. They have an amazing eye and understanding of exactly what they want. I might look at a body and think, hmm something seems off, or think it looked fine, of course they can see what I don’t, and they know the best way to remedy the problem.

In the moment adjustments happen all the time on samples, however, as I learned there are some that cannot be done. Small changes that can be quickly implemented happen right away. However, if a significant change in the body is required, such as changing lengths, creating new sleeves, moving the placement of the waist etc. a new sample must be created.

As the day progresses, body designs are refined. Some ideas are let go of, while new ones are created on the spot. It is a constant flow of creativity, refinement and decision making, that made my head spin a bit, but was so fluent and natural for Liora and Christina.

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