Our Razor Cut Detail

Our Razor Cut Detail

What I want to talk about today is why we we manufacture in Nepal and the
artistic skills within the manufacturing industry that Nepal specializes in. One of the things that they're amazing at is razor cut detail which is all done by hand, as well as embroidery and applique.

If you look at the detail on the skirt you can see all the cut strips are done by hand one slice at a time. The tie-dye fabric that you see popping up in the design is sewn underneath the black fabric and then the black fabric is cut so that the tie-dye pops out from underneath. The Lotus design is cut out by hand, the tie-dye fabric is then sewn behind it and then embroidered around the edges to make it pop and give it more of a 3D effect.

All of this is done by a person (it's not computerized embroidery) using an embroidery machine. All clothes essentially are handmade because a human being is sewing them with a machine, but when we say handmade we really mean handmade. Look at this gorgeous jacket and all the detail - it's stone washed to give it a vintage look and feel, it's got razor cut detail, it's got embroidery detail, it's got applique detail, it's got cut out detail and these are the things that nowhere else in the world can achieve this look so perfectly and expertly as in Nepal.

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