The Design Tour - Arjun's Factory

Posted by Sonia Perozzi on 28th Nov 2016

Upon arrival at Arjun’s he kindly gave me a tour of his factory, a four story building he had built himself. It is a much bigger operation than that of Aman’s, whose factory is much smaller. … read more

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Jayli's Second Home

Posted by Admin on 22nd Nov 2016

Kathmandu, NepalAfter two whirlwind days in Thailand, we hopped on a plane to head to Kathmandu, Nepal. It is here where the majority of our trip will be spent and where most of the design magic happe … read more

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Designs Come To Life

Posted by Admin on 21st Nov 2016

The first factory and manufacturer we visit is Aman’s. His factory is literally two blocks from the hotel, a short walk on the busy streets of the more well known neighborhood of Kathmandu, Thamel. … read more

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Sitting In A Sea Of Mudmee

Posted by Admin on 16th Nov 2016

In a small jammed packed booth of amazing mudmee styles and colors I clumsily bump into the mannequins on display each time I try to squeeze by them. Even more, I continuously find myself in the path … read more

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