We are excited to introduce to the Jayli website, traditional Tibetan Vintage Style Jewelry.  Although the earrings have sterling silver hoops, most of the rest of the jewelry is made from S.P. (Siver Plated Brass).  It is inlaid with Tibetan turquoise, coral and lapis. We have a few pieces that are made with Sterling silver.   All the jewelry is handmade by Tibetan artisans in Kathmandu.  Most Tibetans who live in Kathmandu as a result of being refugees from Tibet and we love the idea that we are supporting the Tibetan community that lives in Nepal.  Every necklace is a unique one of a kind piece and no two will ever be the same, so once a necklace is ordered it comes off the site.  We have also introduced a line of Sterling Silver Grateful Dead jewelry, handmade in Thailand.  This jewelry line is beautifully detailed, of the best quality and made from the highest quality sterling silver.