Upcycle Patwork Hat w/ Steal Your FaceEmbroidery

Upcycle Patwork Hat w/ Steal Your FaceEmbroidery

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100% Upcycled Patchwork Hat w/ Frayed Brim & Steal Your Face Embroidery.

These adorable hemp and cotton hats are unique one of a kind pieces. Every hat has been hand formed and stitched from upcycle materials. Each hat has its own personality as each patch piece is different from hat to hat. The outer part can bend to give you a different look every day and it has been lined for a more comfortable fit.They are made from recycled material scraps from all the garment factories in Kathmandu. Upcycling requires far less energy, and helps preserve natural resources. It also keeps these materials from being incinerated or being added to landfills, which reduces pollution caused by waste. Wearing these hats is better for the environment : ) Unique because not 1 is the same as the next ~ Great for summertime fun in the sun.


 24" Circumference

One Size

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