Rayon Elephant Printed Spaguetti Strap Flowy Top

Rayon Elephant Printed Spaguetti Strap Flowy Top

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This flowy top with printed elephants will keep you feeling really comfortable. The way it has been cut will adjust to your womanly curves with out loosing its shape. It's simple to play with it, jeans or skirts.  Wide leg pants look great too. Add a long sleeve top for winter and this top will feel great on a hot day.


Small: Chest 36 inches, Length 19 inches

Medium: Chest 38 inches, Length 21 inches

Large: Chest 40 inches, Length 23 inches

XLarge: Chest 42 inches, Length 25 inches

Note: Measurements do not include ties as they are adjustable 5-10 inches depending on your shoulders.


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