PUJARI PANTS- Rayon Patchwork Pujari Pants

PUJARI PANTS- Rayon Patchwork Pujari Pants

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 These might be the most comfortable pants you will ever own.  They are known by many different names including Aladdin pants or Pujari pants.  They originate from India and are still very popular. When on they look like a skirt because of the low crotch, but the rayon fabric is so soft and flowy they fall so nicely.


Small: Waist 26 inches relaxed(44 inches stretched), Length 39 inches

Medium: Waist 27 inches relaxed(45 inches stretched). Length 40 inches

Large: Waist 28 inches relaxed(46 inches stretched), Length 41 inches

XLarge: Waist 29 inches relaxed(47 inches stretched). Length 42 inches

2XLarge: Waist 34 inches relaxed(50 inches stretched), Length 43 inches