Laxmi Soft Cotton OM Print Mini Dress Plus Size

Laxmi Soft Cotton OM Print Mini Dress Plus Size

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This dress has loose flowy sleeves and slits on each side. Made of soft cotton for an easy fit and is excellent for layering, with you bathing suit, a tank, shorts. To bring it to the next level we added the beautiful ohm print all over the dress. Don't forget it's light weight .


Small: Chest 34 inches, Length 34 inches

Medium: Chest 36 inches, Length 36 inches

Large: Chest 38 inches, Length 38 inches

XLarge: Chest 40 inches, Length 40 inches

XXLarge: Chest 42 inches, Length 38 inches

XXXLarge: Chest 46 inches, Length 39 inches

Note: Every batch is different and comes in assortment colors, such as green, olive,white,brown,black,red,yellow,orange,dark rose,lilac,black,blue,grey.

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