Ultimate Discs

Grateful Dead Licensed Ultimate Discs.

The last Grateful Dead ultimate discs were printed in 1997 and they are reselling for between $90 and $225.  Those were printed on smaller, 165 gram discs.  The Discraft Ultra star, 175g is the official ultimate disc and is used in competitive leagues across the world; and among the ultimate community the Ultra Star has the highest use and regard. There has never been a licensed Grateful Dead Ultra Star.

High end Discraft Ultra Stars 175 gram discs are manufactured in Michigan. Jayli discs are printed using new super-color techniques allowing for full disc prints.

The Discraft Ultra Star, 175g is the official ultimate disc of USA Ultimate, World Flying Disc Federation and professional leagues. The Ultra Star is used in virtually all competitive leagues across the world. The Ultra Star is sold in over 40 countries.