Spandex Criss Cross Ruffle Capris

Spandex Criss Cross Ruffle Capris

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These ruffle capris bring a fun touch to your yoga. made of spandex, gives them a lot of stretch. Made from 100% cotton and hand dyed, this mini dress is a yes! With a not so crazy tie dye, the diamond dye gives a subtle dye effect. The three tones spiffs this dress up and with a lace up in the back, you will be able to wear this day or night.

Measurements:(relaxed & stretched)

Medium: Waist 27 inches(relaxed), Waist 48 inches(stretched), Length 29 inches, Inseam 18 inches

Large: Waist 28 inches(relaxed), Waist 58 inches(stretched), Length 30 inches, Inseam 19 inches

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