Janis Gypsy Duster shown in Teal

Cotton Striped Stonewash Janis Gypsy Duster

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The patchwork Janis jacket is such a hit we decided to tame it down a bit, as tame as you can be with this funky gypsy jacket. Using striped 100% cotton fabric panels and solid panels, we create the perfect flowy body with an elastic band in the back. Three buttons across the chest hold the piece together on the front. Stonewashing technique is used to create a rustic look for each piece. Definitely a show stopper.

Measurements:(Stretched-Back elastic)

Small: Chest 39 inches(streched), Length 51 inches

Medium: Chest 41 inches(stretched), Length 52 inches

Large: Chest 43 inches(stretched), Length 53 inches

XLarge: Chest 45 inches(inches), Length 54 inches

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